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Read about our carpet cleaning tips and tricks to make your home even more amazing!

What's Happening in Our Community?

Featured Image What's Happening in Our Community? Stay in the Know with Northern Utah Chem-Dry...


How To Take Care Of Your Carpet

Featured Image If you have wondered how to take care of your carpet to make it last longer, then this post is for you. Check out these 6 quick tips to show you carpet some love this February in Brigham City, Garland, and Logan UT....


Why do dogs pee in the house? And how to fix it.

Featured Image We've compiled an ultimate list of the top 3 reasons why dogs and pets urinate in the house and how to fix it. Finding out why your dog is peeing in the house will keep your carpet clean and your pet happy. Check it out!...


Satisfying Before and After Results

Featured Image Wow! Our carpet cleaning leaves you with incredible results. Check out satisfying before and after photos of carpet cleaning by Northern Utah Chem-Dry in houses like yours! Decide for yourself if it's time to book a cleaning....


3 Reasons to Trick or Treat Yourself to a Carpet Cleaning

Featured Image It's about time to Trick or Treat yourself to a carpet cleaning! Read the 3 reasons why you deserve a carpet cleaning....