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Back To School Tips - August 4, 2017

As summer comes to and end and the back-to-school season approaches, it can be hard to get back into the swing of all things school. With a new school year comes a lot of changes: new teachers, new schedule, new responsibilities, and maybe even a new school. The biggest trick to tackle the back-to-school blues is to plan ahead. Below are 20 ways that you can help you, and your children, prepare for the fresh school year.

  1. Set your kids’ alarms to ‘School Time’ two weeks before the first day.
  2. Discuss what your kids can expect on their first day, so they can feel more prepared.
  3. Have your kids set realistic goals for the school year.
  4. Go through your children’s clothing to determine what they have overgrown. This will make room for their new back-to-school clothes.
  5. Obtain a class list of things your children will need this school year.
  6. Let your kids tag along during back-to-school shopping. Allow them to pick out their own items.
  7. Shop for supplies and clothes early, you’ll want to avoid the rush.
  8. Replace old backpacks for newer, more ergonomically correct ones.
  9. Do something fun with your kids to end the summer season.
  10. Take them to their school to allow them to get comfortable with the layout and locations of important rooms such as their classroom, bathrooms, lunchroom, etc.
  11. Sign your children up for after school programs to keep them active.
  12. Set and enforce specific school friendly bed-times.
  13. Encourage your kids to layout their clothes before they go to bed.
  14. Meet the teachers your children will have this year.
  15. Call us to get a fresh feeling home before the craziness of the school year ensues.